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Church History

In 1882 Rumney, a village some distance outside Cardiff, was very much the Sunday drinking den of people from Cardiff.

However, three young and far-sighted men came from the city centre church of Tredegarville with one very different aim in mind. They came to Rumney to preach the gospel.

With no proper premises they were invited to use the parlour of one, Mr. Edward Tugwell’s house. This they did for the next 8 years, conducting both Services and Sunday School.

Eventually a piece of land alongside Mr. Tugwell’s home was acquired for the construction of a Church by Messrs. W.E. Turner & Son, Mr. William Turner was at this time a leader in the Church. Remember this was a very different Rumney with no street-lighting after dark.

On Wednesday, November 27th, 1889 the new Church was opened by the Rev. Alfred Tilly. This new Church stood on the site of the now Roman Catholic Church in Wentloog Road.

A prayer meeting was held at 11 a.m. The Rev. H Spur preached in the afternoon on “David and Goliath” and in the evening the Rev. D.L. Evans preached in Welsh and the Rev. F. Medhurst in English. The first Communion Service was conducted by the Rev. A. Tilly on January 12th, 1890. The first Baptismal Service was held on March 23rd, 1890, when the Rev. A. Tilly baptised Mrs. Gerrish and her two Daughters. Prior to this, converts were baptised in St. Mellons.

At this time Rumney belonged to a group of 4 missions under Tredegarville, the other three being in Llanishen, Maindy and Cathays.

Various co-pastors of Tredegarville used to hold services in these missions once a month, these were assisted by the 2 senior deacons of the Mother Church, Mr. W.H. Mayne and Mr. T.L. Griffiths, Students, laymen and when no visiting preacher came, the local deacons conducted the services. Much progress was made and a school room became necessary. An iron building was erected at the back of the Church and was opened by the Rev. W. Williams of Grangetown on November 27th, 1899.

In 1906 an extension was added and was opened by the Rev. T.E. Soddy being then the Co-Pastor in charge. A loan of £50 was obtained from the Baptist Union to buy seats for the new school, but at a Church meeting an unprecedented wave of generosity was experienced. It was decided to put fixed seats in the Church and remove the benches and chairs into the school room, this meant added expense, but in the meeting everyone made a gift varying from 10/- to £2 and the cost was defrayed.

By this time the various mission stations had grown into free Churches, Mr. Soddy left for Coventry and there was no leader left for Rumney. However, there were staunch local leaders and excellent laymen visiting the Church. Three of these were ordained, the Rev. Sargent, the Rev. Gardener of Pentyrch and the Rev. J. Thomas of Tremorfa, many other laymen assisted. After being a while without a leader arrangements were made between the Church for the Rev. Sorton Davies, B.A. of St. Mellons to have oversight of Rumney also. This proved a great blessing for about six years. Mr. Davies moved to Ainon, Cardiff and again it fell to the lot of Mr. W.H. Hayne and Mr. T.L. Griffiths to take the Communion Services alternatively and for students and laymen to take the other services.

Rumney had now grown and the Mother Church felt it was time that the Church had a full time ministry. Many meetings between the two diaconates were held in the Tredegarville Church house and much prayer for guidance was offered. With the aid of the Sustentation Fund it was thought that Rumney might support it’s own Pastor. The Rev. J.E. Collier was recommended by Tredegarville, a call was given to him at Chepstow and he took charge of the Church in October 1927. His ministry was so successful that the Church soon became too small and the services had to be held in the school room. This again was filled and the question of a new Church Building arose.

The present site was secured at a rental of £10 a year. A service was held on the ground on April 9th, 1929, and the first sod was cut by Mr. James Summers Jnr. Of Cardiff. Great encouragement was given to the scheme by the generous offer of Messrs. J. North & Sons to build the Church cutting out all profits.

Many Members today are part of the North Family.

Several memorial stones were laid and the Church was completed and opened by Mr. W.H. Mayne on September 23rd, 1929. This was a day of great rejoicing in the Church and the following took part in the services, Rev. J. Meredith Jones, Rev. J.O. Hagger, B.D., Mr. John Davies, Mr. T.L. Griffiths and Professor T.W. Chance, M.A., B.D.

All are welcome to our Services, whether Members or not.

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